We are a group of students that got tired of reading headlines about the sad state of Czech forests and decided to do something about it. As we always had it close to nature, we wanted to make a difference and started planting trees on our own. Later we heard from many people that they want to help us out and that is how our project came to be, giving the opportunity to all to do their part in combating climate change.


Our project started at the beginning of the year 2021. We are currently on our way to plant the first 10,000 trees while also making an impact on hundreds through education programmes focused on the importance of trees, soil, and our climate. Furthermore, we are currently implementing new campaigns explaining to the wider public the impact their actions have on our nature and the future of our planet.

About us

We are Oli and Martin and together with our friends we founded the Plant a Life project in 2020, when we were still in college. We are a bunch of young people who got tired of reading headlines about the sad state of the Czech forests and decided to do something about it. Since we have always been close to nature and not indifferent to it, we wanted to change that and started planting trees. Later we heard from many people that they wanted to help us, and so our project was born, giving everyone the opportunity to participate in the fight against climate change.

Our team


I am a passionate biologist and lecturer and researcher. I love to learn new things and embark on interesting and meaningful projects. I am a trained Geobotanist, I love to garden, travel and discover the beauty of nature.

The spectrum of my other interests is really wide – nowadays they include mainly sewing costumes, stickwork, dancing (Irish dance, salsa,..), but also Cosplay, LARP and other creative fantasy activities.


My name is Stasy and I love art of all kinds. From acting, to making abstract paintings, to playing the kalimba.

The question of sustainability is an interesting one for me, I started thinking about it a few years back when I started painting on second hand textiles and I thought it would be great to give a piece of clothing a second chance while making it an original piece of work.
I’m happy to be part of a project that thinks not only of myself, but also of people.

our mission

Our mission consists of three main pillars:

Combat climate change and prevent deforestation in the Czech Republic

Give everyone the chance to make a change, not just companies

Educate people about the effects of deforestation and climate change

Contact us

Zasaď život s.r.o.

IČO: 119 28 468

č.p. 148, 398 11 Skály